CUC’s Archive-as-a-Service (AaaS) can help your organization federate departmental silos of disparate information, while cost-effectively preserving, protecting and managing digital assets in the Cloud. AaaS delivers an immediate return on investment by freeing up valuable hardware resources while reducing the administration overhead of legacy archive storage management.

Eliminate Vendor Lock-in > 100% Open Storage Standard  and technology enabling easy access to your entire escrow data set when you leave the service

Lower IT workloads > CUC manages the AaaS, freeing up your internal IT resources

No Hidden Charges > No additional fees for data ingest/egest from our long-term storage. Bulk ingest/retrieval options available

Quality Security > CUC’s AaaS data centers are ISO270001 certified and audited, ensuring quality data management

Reduce cost > Scalable pay-as-you-grow storage infrastructure

Reduce CapEx > No requirement to purchase on-site data management software, storage media or on-site storage

Data Integrity > Eliminates reliance on 3rd. party backup and disk replication services, while utilizing long-term Write-Once media technology

Rapid Retrieval > Individual long-term store data file download start in less than 2-minutes and are immediate for cached data access

Real-world SLA > Service commitments for accessibility, data security, data retrieval times and system availability, Uptime Institute Tier-III certified

Secure Data Protection/Safe Harbor > All archived data is securely stored in regional-specific data centers, with no data transit outside the US