Most existing data storage technologies were not designed for cloud interoperability and true data mobility. Virtual server technologies critical to the success of the cloud are limited by traditional storage hardware management complexity and integration challenges. Existing SAN architectures provide limited virtualization performance with significant flexibility TCO issues.

CUC’s CloudFounder services break the dependency on the underlying storage hardware by placing the intelligence as close to the virtualization layer as possible. Our vRun and vStorage software defined storage technology solutions provide flexible deployment, improved performance and reduced costs.

  • Built-in reliability through scalable software rather than dual-controller hardware designs
  • Enterprise storage features include Thin Cloning/Replication, Thin Provisioning, unlimited Snapshots
  • Hypervisor and storage agnostic
  • Installs on any x86 hardware or on a virtual machine inside the Hypervisor
  • Leverages different storage backends including DAS/NAS/SAN and Cloud Object Storage like Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swift
  • Shared nothing, Scale-out architecture


vRun is a virtual appliance that combines storage virtualization, SSD caching, VM-centric backup and replication, multi-tenant networking and VM orchestration on industry-leading x86 servers. vRun converts your Cisco, Dell or SuperMicro x86 servers into a “converged virtualization infrastructure in a box” that costs a fraction of traditional infrastructure products and with a fraction of the complexity.

vRun combines functionalities like VM-centric Storage Virtualization, Cloud Orchestration, networking, VM-centric Replication and DR features into a single converged software stack. vRun provides a set of global management tools enabling infrastructure scalability to meet the capacity and performance needs while enabling simplified virtual workload management without complexity.

High-Performance, High-Reliability Virtualized Storage > vRun utilizes de-duplicated flash memory-based cache to serve over 90% of I/O requests, enabling routine performance of over 40,000 IOPS per x86 server running vRun. vRun uses advanced erasure codes (instead of RAID6) to store data, enable to withstand failure of multiple disks and, unlike RAID-based systems, with minimal “rebuilding” penalty.

VM-centric Backup & Replication > Built-in disaster recovery capabilities, configurable per VM, including Snapshot retention and replication policies.

Multi-tenant Networking > Built-in, secure multi-tenant networking to host virtual machines for multiple customers on an x86 server

Singe Pane-of-Glass Management > Simplifies management of the entire IT infrastructure via a single pane of glass console.


vStorage is an open-source VM storage router for Virtual Machines, a software layer that is installed on a host or cluster of hosts on which Virtual Machines are running. These VM Storage Routers (VSRs) operate like a grid leveraging local flash memory or SSDs and any storage back-end (S3 compatible object store, (distributed) filesystem, NAS) to provide an extremely high performance and reliable storage system as compared to buying expensive SANs or NAS for VM storage. Conceptually Open vStorage is similar to VMware vSAN, though we’ve tried to make it a lot more flexible by giving the ability to leverage multiple storage back-ends (and not just locally attached disks) and supporting multiple hypervisors.

Delivered under the Apache v2.0 license

Integration with OpenStack via Cinder Plugin

Leverage server-based flash and storage back-ends to create shared virtual machine storage

Redundant, shared storage without the cost and scaling issues of a dual-controller subsystem

Works with any storage back-end, including filesystems, NAS, S3-compatible object storage

Works with KVM and VMware