Cloud storage is a digital data storage model where content is stored in a remote network-based physical storage pool that can span multiple servers and geographic locations. Cloud storage is typically provided on a monthly/annual lease/rental basis to users based on capacity and bandwidth requirements. A hosting data center manages the cloud storage and is responsible for keeping the cloud-stored data accessible, available and secure on a 24x7x365 basis. Cloud storage services can be accessed via a co-located cloud compute service, web service API or by an application that utilizes the API, ie. storage gateway, virtual desktop (VDI), web-based content management.

CUC offers a variety of Cloud Storage solutions based on application, RPO/RTO and SLA requirements. Our CloudArc solution provides an Archive-as-a-Service platform that combines a hybrid on-premise appliance with a secure cloud store/retrieve service based on bandwidth and capacity requirements. CloudArc is one of the most cost-effective Archive-as-a-Service solutions available and includes an archive to Blu-ray disc capability for true long-term archive.

CUC’s vStorage software-defined storage platform accelerates virtual machine performance while also cutting costs by enabling greater storage flexibility, including the ability to extend to cloud-based storage services such as Amazon S3, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace and others. The vStorage platform creates a distributed storage platform across the data center, utilizing existing local disk, SAN and NAS storage resources, while incorporating flash or solid-state drives (SSDs) in each server node to act as a local cache for very high-performance IOPS per host, providing a hybrid storage platform that spans both local and cloud-based infrastructure. The core of the vStorage platform is the Cloud Storage Router (CSR) enabling direct transparent links to a wide variety of cloud-based storage services.

The CSR is aVM-centric storage architecture that combines the functionality of a SAN, high-speed SSD caching, backup, offsite replication/DR, encryption and compression into a single platform. This software defined storage layer installs on ANY x86 hardware and can be utilized as a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA).  The CSR works provides an extremely fast location-based storage model coupled to the hypervisor, enabling cloud storage acceleration utilizing a 2-tier, de-duped Flash or SSD cache to deliver very high-performance storage.

Accelerates local storage

Adds SAN functionality to your local x86 architecture

Delivers 100% VM-centric storage

Hypervisor independent

Provides location independent storage: local storage combined with public cloud stores

Provides zero-copy snap-shots and replication