Data migration from legacy systems can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Even when sophisticated Information Lifecycle Management policies have been a component of your long-term data infrastructure, storage technology and regulatory compliance continue to evolve. As an archival storage and information lifecycle management solutions provider since 1986, CUC’s Data Migration Services team can help your organization navigate and complete a successful data migration project. CUC can assist your IT team with an on-site or off-site migration, or completely manage the project to cost-effectively extract data from legacy archive platforms, migrate it to a new target, ensure both chain-of-custody and data integrity, security and reporting, all while minimizing business, compliance, legal and technical risks.

CUC Data Migration Service Process:

  • Strategic Alignment/Business Objectives
  • Assessment and Readiness Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Test
  • Migration Execution
  • Verification
  • Audit & Reporting
 CUC Data Migration Service Benefits:
  • Comprehensive management of migration project
  • Proven methodology and skilled resources
  • Minimal start-up time
  • Continuous access to data
  • Zero loss of data integrity
  • Optimal performance to minimize project duration
  • Minimal impact on IT staff and resources
  • Additional infrastructure
  • Cost-effective
  • CUC Data Migration Services Available:
  • Data Migration Assessment, Analysis and Consulting Services
  • APPXtender/DiskXtender migration
  • Email Archive (EMC EmailXtender/Sourceone, HP RISS, Lotus Notes, Symantec EV)
  • EMC Centera migration
  • Filenet conversion/migration
  • IBM TSM migration
  • NAS (incl. NetApp) migration
  • Optical (CD/DVD/MO), IBM 3995/96 conversion/migration