Enterprises have been migrating to a Cloud model for a number of years, yet remain hesitant to trust committing mission-critical data for availability, performance and security concerns. Providing a cost-effective Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service that simply replicates production application to the cloud is extremely viable. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) enables enterprises to host their production environment within their own data center, and use a cloud service provider (CSP) as the recovery site and replication target. DRaaS enables an enterprise to safely evaluate a Cloud Service Provider’s services to become comfortable with the overall cloud storage concepts. DRaaS provides substantial cost and resource savings when compared to building your own replication site, while minimizing upfront CapEx investments that still also incur monthly OpEx expenses. CUC offers cost-effective, automated, enterprise-class DR-as-a-Service utilizing proven replication technology to provide optimal RTO/RPO and best-in-class SLA performance.

Array-agnostic > Replicates existing environment to the cloud regardless of the storage vendor or architecture

Comprehensive > Provides both offsite backup and robust replication services

Consistent and Reliable > Provides block-level replication with RPO and RTO in seconds, not days

Granular > Specific application protection regardless of physical server or storage location

Multi-Site > Supports replication between more than one site

Multi-Tenant > Integrates with VMware vCloud Director for centralized management of all virtual data centers to effectively leverage cloud resources

Quick Deployment > Remotely installed in hour without changes to existing environment