CUC offers a wide variety of high-performance, enterprise-class, automated data storage library solutions under our OmniLib brand. Purpose-built to address any application storage requirements with maximum efficiency and ease-of-use, OmniLib delivers proven quality and reliability to manage and securely store your data backed by decades of world-renowned tape and optical technologies. All OmniLib products are a complete turnkey solution that include all components to integrate seamlessly into your existing GigE or Fibre-Channel network infrastructure.

OmniLib/BD Series  >  New Double-Sided 200GB Blu-ray disc media technology now shipping!!

Scalable Rack-mount configurations starting at 25TB

Cartridge-based media management (hard disk emulation)

Scalable from 250-disc to over 12,000+ discs per subsystem


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OmniLib/RL series >   LTO Rack mount tape technology series

Scalable from 24-slot to over 470+ tapes per library

OmniLib/XL series >  Big-Data LTO Enterprise tape technology

Scalable from 350-slots to over 11,780+ tape per library