OmniVCM is a hybrid Enterprise-class Virtual Content Management solution providing a single, unified secondary tiered storage repository for Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. OmniVCM enables a single federated view of archive data, backup data, reference data, regulatory data, video and more, already stored in your network infrastructure. A master OmniVCM information repository provides complete Womb-to-Tomb information lifecycle management across the federated secondary tiered storage vaults. Data Service Policies (DSP) automatically process, store and preserve data in accordance with established service level requirements and recovery time objectives. Search and eDiscovery of specific data objects or information relevant to a particular subject indexed in the information repository database, can be accessed anywhere from a WEB-based graphical user interface or tightly coupled and integrated via the OmniVCM application program interface (API). Real-time view and reporting of system activity, performance, resources, security, storage and more is included. All special file attributes and security information (access control lists/permissions), Mac file resource forks and Windows file stream attributes are also preserved and utilized by OmniVCM.

 Feature Overview:

Automated data classification, consolidation, fingerprinting, protection, retention

Auto-discovery of network resources

Automatic failover capabilities

Automated file system(s) space management

Automated load-balanced storage resources

Enterprise-wide Search & eDiscovery (context and content-based)

File-level security preservation and enforcement

Ideal for multi-tenant application storage models

Infinitely scalable

On-line, Near-line and Off-line data management

Remote system management

Self-healing, load-balanced, dynamically monitored federated metadata repository

Single-instance storage savings via de-duplication technology

Virtual tiered data structuring for hierarchical data migration and replication