Organizations have more data than ever before to manage, protect and preserve for longer periods of time, while establishing a balance between mitigating risks and reducing costs when making data storage investment decisions. Since the first introduction of  Linear Tape Open (LTO) cartridge tape technology in 2000, with the latest Generation 6 (LTO6), LTO capacities have increased 25x, offering superior TCO metrics for long-term data storage.

Rapid data growth compounds the need for increased storage capacity. The sixth generation of LTO Ultrium tape media delivers 2.5 TB native capacity and up to 6.25 TB of compressed capacity for even greater efficiency and performance. This exceptional capacity helps reduce the number of cartridges and the amount of equipment, space and labor associated with tape-based data storage. The LTO6 Tape Data Cartridge is designed to help organizations manage explosive data growth; sustain rapid, reliable access to data, while ensuring business resilience.

The new Linear Tape File System (LTFS) now enables LTO6 to become a self-describing file system, enabling a user to create folders and partitions on the tape without the need of external software, while accessing the files as a standard disk file system with the operating system’s User Interface. The tape is logically divided lengthwise into two (2) partitions, an Index Partition allocating 5% of the tape capacity for index metadata, and a Content Partition for files/data. When mounting a tape, the index information is copied to the Server/Workstation memory for fast access and updating. Periodically, an automatic Index Partition backup is performed, writing a copy of the metadata index to the Content Partition. With LTFS, you can simply drag and drop directly to the tape cartridge to write/read data.

Additionally, LTFS software is available on most operating system platforms at NO CHARGE!

Why Tape?

Cost: 1.3cents/GB compressed, up to 26x less than spinning disk

Manageability: Petabytes of Tape versus 100TB’s of spinning disk

Dependability:  Read/Write verification, servo tracking and superior bit error rate than disk

Data Protection: Off-line data protection against on-line data corruption

Ease of Use: Tape automation has simplified tape utilization

LTFS makes tape easier to use while offering cross-platform compatibility

Shelf Life: 30+ years

Scalability: Add cartridges for infinite capacity on-demand

Transportable: Media is easy to ship, high-bandwidth in a box

Green Storage: Off-line, cartridges on the shelf consume zero energy

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